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EL-500T LED Panel Light

EL-500T LED Panel Light


Our EL-500 series LED lights are the new models we just launch, which feature ultra light weight and compact design.
3 models are available for choice now, Daylight Model EL-500D, Tungsten light model EL-500T, and Bicolor Model EL-500D/T. 
504pcs high C.R.I LED lamps are adopted for each model, with projected life in excess of 50,000+ hours.

2 diffusers are equipped.
Soft light diffuser to minimize the dazzling light.
And another diffusion sheet to improve the lighting output effect.
Together with the high efficiency LED luminaries, soft, even and bright light output is achieved with low infrared and ultraviolet properties, no dazzlingand glare.

4 pin XLR connector is adopt for powering by AC adapter.
It can ensure firm power connection to prevent the sudden falling off of the adapter, which will affect the use of LED light.

Aluminum alloy frame and Yoke.

Strict outgoing inspection.
We constantly strive to perfect our products through quality and environmental testing.
All LED lights are strictly tested, a series of testing from aging test, constant temperature test to outgoing inspection ensure a reliable quality.

Soft Box Is Optional



Barndoor Optional

Lighting Method

Option 1: Full Key Light+ Half Fill Light+Full Contour Light.This is mainly used for interview.It makes the character clear and rich in a stereoscopic feeling.

Option 2: Full KeyLight+ Half Fill Light or less+Full Floor Light.This is mainly for whole body shooting. Floor light can reduce the shadow.

Option 3: Full KeyLight+ Half Fill Light or less+Full Back Light.It will produce rich character arrangement,pure color setting and no shadow on the white background fabric.

Option 4: Half KeyLight+ 2 Full Contour Light.It is used for advertisement shooting. But it will increase the Back Light dependingly. The character will have a clear outline, good for image matting.



Power Consumption 

Power Supply 

LED Lamp Quantity 

Color  Temperature 







DC 12-24V 



 R90   256 x 250x 33(mm)     1.32Kg 4100lux @1.2m
1000lux @1.8m

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